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Technology works best
when it connects
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A Foundation with
technology at its heart
and connectivity at its

The Talia Technology Foundation was inspired by the great work of other charitable organisations and individuals across the world. We wanted to get involved with local people and utilise their talents to assist in helping their communities. Advancing technology is the driving force for accelerated economic and personal development, combined with an academic curriculum and hands-on training. This is what Talia Technology Foundation aims to achieve – to provide, educate and connect lives through technology.

Alan Afrasiab, Founder

Connecting communities,
improving wellbeing

Technology improves lives. It contributes to peoples’ livelihoods by giving them access to nearly 4 billion internet users, by improving their harvesting technique, to communicate and reconnect with family and provide economic stimulation to disconnected and devastated communities. The Talia Technology Foundation parts of the world where they may be little or no infrastructure. The technology we provide enables internet access to these communities via VSAT, computer equipment and the software to develop and improve the lives of communities around the world.


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Connecting educators
with students

With technology comes empowerment. Which is why the Talia Technology Foundation is not only providing the technology, but also educating local communities to utilise the technology to its full potential.

After providing the technological infrastructure and connecting isolated communities to the internet via VSAT, we provide training to maintaining VSAT connection, troubleshoot any technology issues and provide basic computer training – such as using web browsers, sending emails, staying connected with Facebook and finding out national or international news. Alongside this, we provide them with e-learning capabilities, so they learn nursing, law or agriculture. The possibilities are endless.


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